Summer Jolly Magic Hours

Sadly, if you are reading this right now then i have bad news of sorts…

I’m now fully booked for my Summer Holiday Magic Hours and am now taking bookings for September and beyond, infact all the way through the winter, if things are anything like last year 🙂

I do Magic Hours pretty much every saturday and some sundays ( rugrats and wifey, saying i can/she’s not working, permitting 🙂 )

so… no need to panic, we can and will get your little people up and riding in no time at all 🙂

Everything you need to know about the Magic Hour can be found here

If you want to get in touch via the contacts page, i am also more than happy to put you on the cancellation list and we can cross everything and hope for an odd space or two becoming available 🙂

Other than that, hope you all have a fab summer and look forward to seeing you perhaps later rather than sooner

Have fun in all you do