The IWTRMBike Clinic

This is for our Heads of school and Group Leaders 🙂

If you are looking to get children off balance bikes and riding proper and would like me to help then can i introduce the IWTRMBike Clinic, where i come to your school/group HQ for the day(s) and if they can balance or only just ride then i spend a “Magic Hour” with them and either get them riding or help them with their bike skills/bits that need addressing

To be in a position to teach them to ride, all i need is that they can balance with their feet in the air for 4-5 ft. That’s all 🙂 I am more than happy to pass on some great tips to give, non literal, crash courses in balance, then you can leave the rest to me 🙂 if they can balance my aim within the hour is to…

* teach how to get on their bike safely and correctly
* to start a journey either by scooting or via pedal  ready

* to be able to stop safely

* to be able to slow down

* to be able turn a corner ( ie ride round the playground in both directions)

* get them riding confidently

all in that order

if they can ride but maybe cant stop/cant start/lack confidence, i can address all these issues and have them bombing around safely and confidently in no time at all

With 45 years riding a bike experience along with being a Levels 1, 2 and 3 Bikeability instructor as well as a Level 2 British Cycling Coach means i can bring a wealth of experience to help mix and match techniques to the needs of the child

A lot of the issues can be with the bikes they are actually riding. I do all my training on Islabikes which instill confidence. Once they have built that confidence on my Islabikes, the transition to their own bike is always a lot easier 🙂

The charge would be £20 for a 1:1 “Magic Hour”

Parents are more than welcome to come along for their child’s hour

If possible if they can bring their own roadworthy bike, a helmet and most importantly a hoodie ( i use that to hang on to)… bringing their own bike means that once they are riding on mine, we can put them on their own bike and i can address any problems we may have, due to the bike, with mum and or dad/guardian 🙂

i have bikes and helmets though if that is an issue 🙂

a roadworthy bike is deemed as having working front and rear brakes, 2 x pumped up tires and a saddle that can be adjusted accordingly