Bike Tykes – The Balance Bike Sessions

Cant balance? Wont balance? Fret no more …

…the Strider balance bikes have landed 🙂

I have 6 x 12″ wheeled Strider Sport balance bikes for our 2-5yr olds

Whether its a 1:1 or as a group of up to 6 budding cycling superstars, i can hopefully get your little ones up and balancing in no time at all… in readiness for the transition to a two wheeled pedal bike 🙂

With prices starting at as little as £6 per child for a group lesson, hopefully i can light that bicycling fire and get your little ones itching to be playing out on their bikes… rather than staring at the latest computer gizmo thingymajig 😉

With a full, enhanced DBS, fully British Cycling Insured and a First Aid certificate, i can come to your school and take the weight off your hands for maybe an hour or two and have a stack of fun with your pre-school and reception children teaching them the art of balance and giving them the confidence to ride a bike in the future…

… and it doesnt stop there, i can teach balance all the way through to Year 6… and beyond if necessary 🙂


Ready for the off…

Once they can balance, they are pretty much ready to learn to ride a bike…

and only then can i feel that my job has been done. Properly 🙂

Bike Tykes Balance lessons…

1:1 tuition £35 per hour

Group balance lessons

One hour’s tuition on a Strider balance bike to hopefully get them up and scooting on 2, albeit pedal-less, wheels ?

  • 2 children £18 each
  • 3 children £12 each
  • 4 children £9 each
  • 5 children £8 each
  • 6 children £6 each

all sessons are done at Saltergate Junior School on a weekend and during school time i do them at Killinghall Moor 🙂 ( the Barberry Close end)

So… if you think i can help, then please do get in touch via the contacts page or give me a call on 07930585022

Hopefully see you soon