From Mrs Emma Stephenson, 16th May 2016

“Ruby can ride a bike but had no bike confidence, dropped her off in nervous tears, she spent 2 hours with Dave today and can now ride confidently, use brakes, gears properly, do hills etc and most importantly really enjoyed herself. Highly recommend!”

“she said she loved it and when I asked if you were a good teacher she said “yeah brilliant and he was really nice to me” “


She rode all the way home Dave! Got all the way up to the top of the hill ??

Thank you Emma and awesome work Ruby 🙂 x

From Suzanne Watkinson, Sunday 22nd May 2016

“Oh my goodness. Dave is an absolute miracle worker. My husband and I have been trying to get both of our kids interested in going anywhere near a bike for years. Much to our frustration they seemed to really struggle with it and I am ashamed to say that we lost it with the eldest quite a few times over the years. Fast forward to this morning and 2 fairly tired kids turned up with bikes that were too small for them and an hour -yes an hour later, both of them were up and riding around like they had been born to it. Thank you so much Dave. Quite honestly the best 30 quid I have ever ever ever spent!!”

Job done 🙂


From Simone Walbank, Monday 23rd may, 2016

“Absolutely amazing, Dave’s enthusiastic and fun approach was just what we needed to give our 7 year old the confidence to ride. Within 1 hour Dave had him balancing and pedalling unaided, ready for us to go away and practice. Thank you again”

Jennifer Bradley, Wednesday 1st June, 2016

“What exciting news we had to tell Daddy when he came home tonight. Within 10 minutes Emma was peddling away, she could only balance up to that point and Pippa who was very wobbly to begin with, in 30 minutes was also peddling away. Thanks very much Dave Burns. We’re all chuffed to bits. The girls are looking forward to their next session where they can work on building their confidence.

From wobbly beginnings to this…

within the hour 😉 x”emma


From Sarah, saturday 4th June 2016

“Absolutely awesome hour spent with Dave today getting my son riding a bike confidently from a standing start. I got a few tips too! Dave is experienced, obviously passionate about cycling, really organised, a great teacher and brilliant with kids. The only tears today were mine (proud mum). Thanks Dave!”

From Bev, Saturday 4th June 2016

“Hi Dave,

Thank you for helping to get Chloe’s stabilisers off, I have taken her out on her bike and hopefully won’t be to long in her riding confidently.”

From Emma Fowler, Saturday June 4th, 2016

“Today my 5 year old spent a hour with Dave . Wow what an amazing instructor he is. He got my son doing what I thought was not possible . He was so friendly well cool according to my son. Took the tips and will go bike shopping . This was the best £20 I’ve spent . Can highly recommend this instructor to everyone . Thank you Dave.”

From Emma Marie, Saturday, June 3rd, 2016

“My son and his friend spent an hour with Dave yesterday and went from wobbly to confident riders within this time! Dave was patient, kind and certainly knows his bikes! The boys took to him instantly and responded well to his calm teaching style. I would strongly recommend Dave to anyone learning to ride or wanting to build their confidence in their riding skills. Definitely great value for money too!!”

Penny Barett, saturday 4th June, 2016

“If anybody is looking for help to get their child riding a bike, I highly recommend Dave Burns iwanttoridemybike my son has struggled for the last year and within 5 minutes Dave had him cycling on his own. He was amazing and by the end of the lesson, he was able to start and stop on his own. He really is a miracle worker!!”

Samantha, saturday june 11th, 2016

“Just fabulous – my daughter loved it and we are definitely going to do proficiency course in a few months once she has more practice.”

From Lisa, Sunday 12th June, 2016

“This morning my 5 year old spent an hour with Dave- he went from having no sense of balance to riding unaided by the end of the lesson! The difference was amazing!! The lesson was fun and Archie said at the end how much he’d enjoyed it! Thanks Dave!”

From Joy Morrison, Saturday June 18th, 2016

“Highly recommended , Dave is a lovely guy with plenty of patience, he has worked his magic this afternoon and I’ve got one very happy 4 year old whizzing around the garden on his bike after just an hour long lesson.”

Donna Rogers, saturday June 25th, 2016

“Thank you Dave! Within 5 minutes you had Lilly riding her bike Then spent the rest of the 121 lesson building confidence and going though Level 1 Bikeability course!”

Awesome work lil’Lilly … rode through a cloudburst and completely smashed it…Chapeau young lady 🙂 x

Rachel Cawte, saturday 25th june, 2016

“Dave is fantastic – he showed such patience with my two boys. Both were very nervous about biking and had little to no skills beforehand. Dave gently encouraged them, made it fun and gave them some brilliant skills that they will be able to take with them on their cycling journey. I cannot recommend Dave enough – he didn’t rush the boys and worked at a pace that suited them. He also gave me lots of tips to help them develop their cycling skills at home. Thank you – worth every penny.”

Tara Louise Newns, Sunday 26th June, 2016

“Today we had a private bike ability lesson for each of my boys (3 and 5) from the amazing Dave Burns at I Want To Ride My Bike. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Our 3 year old went from a balance bike to riding confidently alone and setting off/braking independently and our 5 year old (who could ride but with tantrums and frustrations) is now a speed demon and disappearing down hills!!!! I fear we have created a monster with that – but the progress and transformation is nothing short of miraculous and – to top it all – Dave Burns is a top bloke!!! Get booked in if you want to alleviate all those learning to ride tantrums and leave with confident cyclists!!!!! Great value for money too! Thank you again Dave Burns!!!!!

Zoe Sewell, 26th june, 2016

“My daughter is 9yo and has struggled riding her bigger bike still with stabilisers, she lost her confidence & despite trying ourselves to teach her, found she got angry with us & we also lost our patience!
A one hour 1-1 lesson this morning with Dave has transformed this! He was so patient but insistent. She went from fearful nervous balancer to pedalling alone & smiling! We have lots of brill techniques to help too (the 5 ‘L’s) !
Now to help her practise her new skills & save up for a taller, lighter bike!
Highly recommend if your little one (or bigger one!) is struggling to get going 🙂 thanks again Dave.”

Gillian Clarke, saturday 2nd july, 2016

“Dave did a brilliant job teaching my 7 year old son, he says he wants to ride everyday now and can’t wait for the morning to go out on his bike again. Thank you for managing to do it so quickly, best money I could have spent”

Nicola Wood-Davies, saturday 2nd july, 2016

“You helped us achieve the impossible today 🙂 thank you so much”

Sarah Heninghem-Smith, saturday 2nd July, 2016

“Amazing man, thank you for your hard work with my son!!”

Vicki Anthony, saturday july 9th, 2016

“Amazing! My son went from not even wanting to pick up his bike in the morning before his lesson to not wanting to get off his bike afterwards! We even did a bike ride in the afternoon. I would never have thought he could improve his confidence so much and learn to ride his bike in one hour. Dave was so patient and fantastic. Definitely recommend!!

Jane Drabble, saturday 9th july, 2016

“What an amazing, patient, friendly and funny guy. Dave was great, my Lg lacks so much confidence but he built this up in her and in no time he had her off on 2 wheels on her own, thanks so much xx”

Becky Pulleyn, sunday 10th july, 2016

“Amazing!! What can I say?! Definitely the magic hour! Thank you so much for getting Oscar going.”

Katy Dukes, saturday 23rd july, 2016

“Can’t thank Dave Burns enough at ‘I want to ride my bike’. Within 10 mins he had Nat actually pedalling and riding a bike!!! I am still astounded! With Nats difficulties I was expecting a few lessons but the way Dave teaches was just wonderful. Nat enjoyed it that much he wants another lesson!! Thank so much Dave.”

Nathan Ridged, saturday 23rd July, 2016

no words needed… 🙂 x

https://www.magisto.com/video/aQETPkMLQjcgXR1pYw?l=vsm&o=w&c=t&source=twitter via

Kelly Ladle, friday 29th july, 2016

“My daughter was lacking in confidence when trying to ride her bike so I took her to see Dave after hearing great reviews about him. Within 5 minutes of starting, she was riding. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Best £20 I’ve ever spent! Thanks Dave x”

Helen Thomason, Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

“Our daughter has seriously learnt to ride a bike this morning, within an hour, under the brilliant coaching and tuition of Dave Burns. She loved the hour and her confidence has really grown. Dave has a great approach, even and patient which is really encouraging. He’s really great with kids. He’s an expert and is passionate about his topic, this really builds trust with the child and parents. After the lesson we went to a local tennis court and our daughter flew round and round it on her bike, peddling for GB! Thanks Dave, see you soon with our son.”

Rachel Cawte, Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

“Dave is fantastic – he showed such patience with my two boys. Both were very nervous about biking and had little to no skills beforehand. Dave gently encouraged them, made it fun and gave them some brilliant skills that they will be able to take with them on their cycling journey. I cannot recommend Dave enough – he didn’t rush the boys and worked at a pace that suited them. He also gave me lots of tips to help them develop their cycling skills at home. Thank you – worth every penny.”

Esmond Goodall, wednesday 17th august, 2016

“Patience of a saint….. Thanks a lot Dave. You have provided us with lots of excellent tips and the time you spent with Alexa has gone a huge way to setting her on the way to enjoying her bike”

Suzanne Watkinson, 19th August, 2016

“Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know that the kids did a 7.5 and then a 14 mile bike ride part way around Kielder Water this week. I can’t believe that neither of them could even balance until their lesson with you in May. My husband and I are so proud of them and so thankful to you.
I really hope the business is going well and will be recommending you to anybody who will listen. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish.”

Nicola Bailey, Friday 19th August, 2016 (NSI Level 1 and Level 2 all day session)

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for teaching Oliver & Harry today, they sound like they have learnt so much in a day!  They were telling me loads of biking stuff on the way home!  They really enjoyed themselves despite the inclement weather!”

Katharine Dolman, Tuesday 30th August, 2016

“Just want to say Thank You again for helping Ollie. He has hardly been off his bike since his lesson with you!! He is having lots of fun cycling with his brother and I wish we had booked a session with you ages ago! He also thinks you have magic powers which got him cycling!! I can’t believe after years of us trying it only took you a few minutes! Thanks again”

Chloe Benest August 30th, 2016

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for Dylan’s session the other week – he really enjoyed himself, and its so great to see him so happy and confident on his bike.  Now to get Harry on his bike…!”

Neil Ryder, september 1st, 2016

“Dave is going to be a legend in our house. After 4 years many hours, many bikes and no success, 4 minutes and my little boy was off! Cycling is now his best sport and he’s been begging to go out at every opportunity! Thanks so much!”

Daniel Jefferson, August 26th, 2016

“Will’s (my 5 year old) had been struggling to ride his bike with stabilisers and had little confidence. Within 30 minutes Dave had him riding a bike stabiliser free. Simply speechless and amazed how quickly Dave got him going thank you. Dan”

Emma Crisell, saturday 10th september, 2016

“Joshua has just had the best hour with Magic Dave! Wonderful to see him ride with confidence within minutes. Thank you so much. You are a legend!

From a Mum 🙂 xx 26th september, 2016

“I just had to email you and let you know there was a bikeability session at my son’s school today

I was so proud and delighted that he could rock up to school with his (cool) bike with all the other kids and do just as well as everyone else. It would have been so humiliating for him had he been the only one not to be able to participate – so a HUGE thank you to you

I am sure you know this but it’s so much more than just the skill of riding a bike, it’s also about his self esteem and confidence and self image, especially for a kid like him who really struggles with sport type activities”

Really – it was a huge thing for all of us that he could participate yesterday, thank you so much Dave”

Sharon Newsome, 28th September, 2016

“Dave is patient and brilliant with kids. We did the magic hour with him and I highly recommend it. My son was reluctant to use a pedal bike but by the end of lesson was peddling around with more confidence! He also went out of his way for us for this lesson so big thank you”

Catherine Evans, 1st october 2016

“According to our daughter Dave has magic powers! A fantastic teacher, our daughter really enjoyed her lesson and can’t wait to get on her bike tomorrow. We were amazed how quickly he transformed our wobbly balancer into a cyclist. The best £20 we have spent. Thanks Dave”

Chris Francis, saturday 1st October 2016

“Dave is fantastic,he had my 5yr old daughter riding round the playground on her own in the hour where with me she could only do a couple of meters. Would highly recommend him. My daughter enjoyed it so much she wants to come every weekend!!”

Gina Oliver, saturday 1st october 2016

“Thank you so much for teaching Jack to ride a bike. 🚴. You were brilliant.”

Emma Holliday-Wall, sunday 16th october, 2016

“Thankyou so much to Dave Burns who taught my Erin to ride her bike within the 1st 10 mins of her very 1st 1:1 magic hour lesson! Absolutely brilliant! Shes so happy, straight home and out on her bike again!”

Helen, wednesday 26th october, 2016

Dave, thank you so much for your time and patience with James & Bella today, you really have made a huge difference to them, they were bursting with pride this evening! I can’t believe they made so much progress so quickly – I wish I had found you a year ago! Thank you, Helen

Nicky Bardon, wednesday 26th october , 2016

“Hi Dave, thanks for the other day, kids had a great time.”

Tanya Wray, wednesday 26th october, 2016

“Big shout out to Dave Burns.
He taught my (just) 4 year old to ride a bike without stabilisers well within his ‘magic hour’.
Probably the best £20 I’ve ever spent!”

Katrina Porter, thursday 27th october, 2016

“My daughter loved it today, so much so she wants to go back. Her exact words was “it was fun”, literally within 3 minutes she was riding her bike. She couldn’t stop smiling all day. Excellent, we are definitely going back for her bike ability lesson”

Karen Williams, 30th october, 2016

“My cycle phobic son had his confidence restored and is now looking forward to getting a new bike and cycling to Ripley for a ‘massive ice cream’!”

Vicky Heaton, November 3rd, 2016

“Amazing! Dave got my LG riding her bike within 10 minutes after we had spent many years and many tears (on my daughter’s part) trying to get her going. Talk about the Mida’s touch! Absolutely fantastic! Can’t recommend him enough!”

Vicky Heaton, Novemeber 5th, 2016

“Amazing! Dave got my LG riding her bike within 10 minutes after we had spent many years and many tears (on my daughter’s part) trying to get her going. Talk about the Mida’s touch! Absolutely fantastic! Can’t recommend him enough!”

Gemma Lennon, Novemebr 5th, 2016

“Amazing!! Dave is fantastic! We’ve been trying for a lonnnng time to get our son riding a bike buy could never get there; within minutes, our son was riding with Dave!! Dave was also so helpful in advising us the best bike we could get. We had a brilliant time and our son could not stop looking at his I can ride my bike Certificate, he was super proud. Couldn’t recommend Dave enough.”

Fiona Raddings, Novemeber 6th, 2016

“Dave is fab! Knows his stuff!
Very patient with our lovely stubborn daughter!!
She was riding independently within the hour.
Well worth it and hassle free for us although it cost me a packet in the smuggle shop!!”

Gemma Lennon, novemeber 6th, 2016

“Amazing!! Dave is fantastic! We’ve been trying for a lonnnng time to get our son riding a bike buy could never get there; within minutes, our son was riding with Dave!! Dave was also so helpful in advising us the best bike we could get. We had a brilliant time and our son could not stop looking at his I can ride my bike Certificate, he was super proud. Couldn’t recommend Dave enough.”

Mary Leng, novemeber 13th, 2016

“Thanks to the recommendation on here for Dave Burns at www.iwanttoridemybike.co.uk Our 5 year old has just finished his ‘Magic Hour’ bike lesson in Harrogate and is happily cycling without stabilisers.”

Aimi Slater, Novemebr 20th, 2016

“Another recommendation for Dave at I want to ride my bike. He was brilliant earlier today with our stubborn 5 year old! She was up and off in 5 minutes…which we couldn’t believe!! Then he spent the rest of the hour helping her stop/start, using her breaks and giving us invaluable advice on bikes & helmets. Best £20 we’ve ever spent and definitely worth the trip over to Harrogate.”

Cheryl Ingram, November 20th, 2016

“Dave is a genius! I cannot thank him enough! My 6yo was worried about falling off but was put at ease and was cycling within half an hour of the lesson! Amazing!”

Rheanna Tom Dunnington, novemeber 27th, 2016

“Fantastic morning proud mum moment watching my little girl build confidence and ride her bike (something she refused to do!) Dave also helped my 3 year old gain confidence on a bike, they both thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you so much!”

Shelly Jebson, november 27th, 2016

“Our little boy needed convincing he can ride a bike and Dave did just that and more. Lots of great advice on techniques and kids bikes generally. Great to see our boy getting excited about cycling! Next stop Team Sky!!”

Sarah Gledson, wednesday 28th december, 2016

“Brilliant. Had our Nervous Nelly 4 year old laughing, smiling and riding by himself within minutes.”

Judy Sturley, thursday 29th december, 2016

“Dave is brilliant with the kids. Had an hour with him yesterday shared between two complete beginners and they’ve nearly cracked it even in such a short time. Will be booking a further lesson to get them going confidently. Very happy to recommend

Betty Jones, saturday 31st december, 2016

“We’ve just returned home from a 1:1 lesson in which Dave taught our fearless almost 4 year old to ride his first pedal bike. Dave’s patience, enthusiasm and encouragement was second to none! Thank you so much for getting Seth started on his cycling adventure, he absolutely loved his lesson!”

Amanda Glennon, sat 14th january, 2017

“Thank you so much to Dave who literally had my little girl riding within seconds this morning you were fab and she thoroughly enjoyed herself! Couldn’t recommend you enough thank you!”

Nicola Bray, saturday 21st january, 2017

“Had the best afternoon watching my 5 year old regain his excitement for cycling! He has gone from not really wanting to sit on his bike to being tantalising close to being able to ride in one lesson! Amazing! Thank you!”

Neil, Sunday 22nd January, 2017

“Sorry for the late reply and a massive thank you for your amazing result with Ailsa Iona. She is incredibly proud of what she achieved and motivated to keep trying.
There was a slight hiccup when she tried using her own bike, though she did manage in the end. It would appear that her own bike has been part of the problem so we are looking for a second hand Isla bike for her.
Once again thank you so much and I’m sure we will see you again for some advanced instruction when she has had a bit more practice.”
Becky Preece, sunday 29th january, 2017
“Absolutely brilliant. Took our boys 6 & 7 for the magic hour. Dave was patient and worked so hard to get both boys off pedalling. Also provided us with great advice for buying the best bikes. Would highly recommend. Thanks!”
Kate Gillingham, sunday 29th january, 2017
“Thankyou so much David – Emily is so proud of herself! She went from baby bike with full stabilisers and had never tried a balance bike to riding a big bike – Amazing! It really is the magic hour!”
Carol Mckenzie, saturday 6th february, 2017
“Had a phone consultation with Dave. He had great suggestions to support kids enjoying their bikes & riding confidently.”
Richard Newman, saturday 6th february, 2017
“Got my lad full of confidence and had him off n pedalling in no time !! Thanks Dave”
Karen Lister, sunday 7th february, 2017
“Thank you so much for the work you did with Con & John on Sun! Con has been raving about it and is so excited to get out on his bike! He also loves that his dad learnt stuff too! Highly recommend the dad & lad session a great way to get the boys working as a team and ready to have fun cycling together.”
Becki Skipp, sunday 12th february, 2017
“Fantastic session today teaching James to ride a bike. Thank you so much. He loved it! Dave was patient and had him doing it on his own in no time. He now has the confidence to do this at home and we can’t wait to get out and about with him! Would highly recommend.”
Sabrina Cox, monday 13th february, 2017
“Dave was great with my daughter, lots of practice and she got there!! Issy had a great time even with the terrible weather and was super proud when she mastered riding her bike, as were we!! Huge thumbs up for Dave, highly recommend!”
John Kerr, saturday 18th february, 2017
“We are really impressed in Dave’s magical abilities in getting our 5 year old daughter to ride a bike without stabilisers – in less than an hour!
Our daughter really enjoyed the whole experience, giggling through most of it. Another achievement into the sparkle jar.Thank you Dave for your skills, patience and your approach.

I would not hesitate in recommending Dave to anyone.

John and Kath”

Samantha Davy, saturday 18th february, 2017

“Thrilled to bits. After 1 hour with Dave my 4 year old went from having minimal experience on a bike with stabilisers to riding a bike on her own. Thank you so much.”

Victoria Hodgson, 23rd february, 2017

“Thankyou so much for putting the time in today I could see my daughters confidence zoom up before my eyes with all the pointers, she listened to you. Fun and patient man . Highly recommend”

MHHolmes, friday 24th february, 2017

“My daughter has struggled to ride her bike by herself but somehow after 40 mins she was doing it. Dave also gave me some advice about the bike my daughter had, visually pleasing but not practical, breaks to stiff etc…. I will book her in again just for a confidence lesson. Thank you”

Celine Scott, saturday 25th february, 2017

“Had read lots of positive reviews so decided to book my son in to help improve his skills as he lacked confidence. Dave was amazing with him! He was so patient and fun at the same time. He gave us all some helpful tips and ideas. My son had a fab hour with him and has come away extremely happy….new bike is on the cards now!! thank you!!!”

Ryan Sidebottom, sunday 26th february, 2017

“@Biketykes Thank you Dave , he absolutely loved his bike lesson ! Darley was full of it when he came home . Highly recommend to anyone 🚴🏻

Kate Sidebottom, saturday 4th march, 2017

“Dave has a true talent for what he does and such patience. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He took our 5YO son from no balance to fully riding, setting off stopping and turning in just 2 sessions. Amazing!”

Louise Tartaglia, saturday 4th march, 2017

“Thanks again for today with Fran. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve passed your phone number onto a mum friend Nancy who has a daughter, Lily, one of Fran’s friends. Hopefully she’ll be in touch. I’ll also spread the work via other mums at school”

Jodie Coughlin, saturday 11th march, 2017

“Dave really is the magic bike man!!
After only 10mins today he had my 7 year old son riding his bike! He is such a Fantastic,down to earth guy! Thank you very much…. I now have one happy little boy!”

Ros Houghton, saturday 11th march, 2017

“We have just had an amazing time with Dave. One hour was spent on our very nervous 5 year old grandson who can now ride a bike!! . Another hour was spent on our 8 year old grandson using gears correctly, turning corners with the correct position confidence building. We have all learnt so much. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Excellent.”

Sarah Jarrett, sunday 19th march, 2017

“Hi Dave, just wanted to say thank you so much for your patience with Ellis! We are so pleased he has finally learnt to ride! He has been in the best mood since and is really proud of himself! I’m on with sorting him a bike so will be in touch soon”

John Snelson, saturday 25th march, 2017

“Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome work today. You have incredible patience and understanding. Tom’s properly excited about coming back to work on peddling but for now, he’s happy showing off his certificate”

Jacqui Kennington, saturday march26th, 2017

“A big thank you to all those who recommended Dave Burns at www.iwanttoridemybike.co.uk
We went for a lesson last weekend with my 5-year old son who had sort-of learnt to ride his bike, then fallen off, lost his confidence and then lost his ability!
Dave had a wonderful openness and temperament, and really made the session fun. Within 5 minutes he had stopped being worried about falling off, and within 10 mins was cycling solo and learning to start and stop himself! He ended the session with huge confidence, and a huge smile on his face. The next day he then cycled 2-3 miles with his Dad.
Cannot recommend Dave highly enough. If you are considering it, go for it. You won’t regret it.”

Michelle McPherson, sunday 26th March, 2017

“I’d like to recommend Dave following a lesson my children had with him on Saturday. My 6 year old son was a very tentative, cycle a few yards sort of rider. But after one session with Dave he really loves cycling, his confidence has been boosted enormously and my husband said it would have taken him several months to get him to the stage where Dave has. He also got my 3 year old daughter cycling! She turned up able to balance but couldn’t even push the pedals forward, by the end she was cycling on her own. He’s not only a superb teacher, he’s a thoroughly lovely man who spent a lot of time going through cycle purchase advice and how to continue supporting our little cyclists. I agree, he’s brilliant!!!!”

Gail Leonard, sunday 2nd april, 2017

“Thank you so much! My 9 year old learned to ride her bike today with the fun, caring, but ultimately hugely expert, Dave Burns. After years of just never quite getting beyond the fear of losing the stabilisers, Dave got her riding on two wheels within 20 minutes. Amazing! And she has been riding her bike with glee and the utmost pride all day since – a huge day for her confidence, independence and freedom. This man is the bomb!! And worth far more than what he charges. Thanks again.”

Colleen Buxton-Iseley, friday 7th april, 2017

“Excellent – very patient, makes it fun for the littlies and instils confidence in them. Would highly recommend.”

Ammy Kent, saturday 8th april, 2017

“Thank you so much for teaching my daughter how to ride her bike with no stabilisers, she is so impressed with herself. I will be highly recommending you. Thanks again!

Amy Briscoe, friday 15th april, 2017

“So for months we have been trying to get my 7 year old daughter to cycle & failed miserably. So we booked in with Dave Burns & within 13 minutes my baby was cycling…ON HER OWN!!!! I was convinced she would need at least 2 lessons…
BIG shout out to Dave…he’s so patient & won Amber over within 30 seconds!
If you’re struggling with your kids please give this guy a thought!”

Natalie Clare, Friday 15th april, 2017

“Crazy to think that he couldn’t ride a bike this morning! Amazing! Thank you so much Dave!”

Crazy to think that he couldn't ride a bike this morning! Amazing! Thank you so much Dave!

Posted by Natalie Tiernan on Saturday, 15 April 2017

Claire Cooper, wednesday 19th april, 2017

I can’t recommend Dave enough he had my daughter riding her bike in 10 minutes x”

Russell Townsend, wednesday 19th april, 2017

“Dave took my four year old from push and glide to full pedalling in an hour. He not only provided good technical tuition but understood how to communicate with a young and easily distracted child. I cannot recommend Dave’s work enough”

Susie, thursday april 20th, 2017

“Hi Dave, 

Just wanted to say a big thank you for today! Molly was thrilled she has pedal power now! We are so pleased you have given her a good start and shown her the correct procedure.
You were very helpful regarding future bikes for Molly too.
I will pass on your contact details to friends and Molly’s School.
Thanks again for all your help.
Best wishes, 
Susie, Jeremy and Molly”
Lucy Dickinson, saturday 23rd april, 2017
“We had a fantastic session today with Dave. He managed to get my two boys 5&6 from extreme novices who have rarely used a balance bike or a bike with stabilisers as have always preferred scooters to being fully fledged bikers in less than an hour. In fact he had them biking without stabilisers within 5-10 minutes of his class! He is so friendly and has a wonderful way with the children. We all learnt loads today and the children actually listened and were captivated and had lots of fun along the way. Lots of advice and guidance on first bikes too. I only have one regret… why have I not done this sooner!!”
Lindsey Beilby, sunday 24th april, 2017
“Huge thank you to Dave on teaching my 5 year old how to ride a bike in the Easter holidays. He was confident on a balance bike but hated pedals. Dave gave my son a massive confidence boost and helped him learn important tips to help me and him at home. Been out on the bike today and still needs help but he’s at least willing to try. Just needs to learn to use his brakes to avoid running his little brother over… again! Thank you.”
Alexandra Hardisty, sunday 24th april, 2017
“Dave had both our 5 year old twins up and riding on their own in about 20 minutes! They had a fab time and we were really impressed with his tuition. Would highly recommend.”
Emma Beech, monday 8th may, 2017
“Had an hour session with Dave and my (just turned) three year old. He got her balancing her balance bike brilliantly and gave her a massive boost in confidence. She now loves her balance bike and we came home with things to work on over the coming months. We appreciate she was a young one to work with but the difference from the beginning of the session (when she could barely sit on the bike) to the end was fabulous. Dave has also given advice on a bike purchase too. Thanks Dave. Hopefully see you again in the summer”
Hannah Munns, saturday may 13th, 2017
“Absolutely Fabulous! Toby had ridden a balance bike but never a pedal bike. Within 10 minutes he was riding by himself! Dave was really clear with his instructions and patient when Toby ignored them �! Couldn’t recommend more highly.”
Sarah Harrison, saturday 13th may, 2017
“Had my 4 year old riding within 5 minutes with no stabilisers. Dave is really friendly and patient. Would highly recommend”
Lauren Elizabeth, sunday 14th may, 2017
“My son has been part of a program with his reception class in school to learn to ride a bike. Previously, without stabilisers he lacked confidence and would be too upset and sometimes even screaming with fear because he didn’t like wobbling. He now rides a bike confidently, fully balanced, turning, braking etc and in full control. It’s a miraculous transformation in him and I will be forever grateful for the experience he has had with you!”
Andy Brear, sunday 14th may, 2017
“Thanks to the great teachings of Dave “the bike whisperer” our daughter Laila who was completely uninterested in riding her bike (she wanted to be a singer) is now riding her bike and actually asking to go out on it now. Couldn’t recommend Dave highly enough. Thank you.”
Cath Doman, sunday 21st may, 2017
“Dave is a genius: in 45 minutes my 7 year old went from barely balancing (with no confidence) to riding her bike independently.”
Jen Fenton, saturday 27th may, 2017
“Can’t believe Dave managed to get our 6 year old riding in less than 45 minutes!! It would’ve taken us weeks! Worth every penny. Thank you!”
Susan Wallace, saturday 27th may, 2017
“My son was petrified of cycling his bike and we could barely persuade him to sit on it. 30 minutes with Dave and he was cycling solo. Couldn’t believe it. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much”
Louisa Coxon, wednesday 31st may, 2017

“My son was really nervous about riding his bike but Dave was amazing with him and within an hour my son was riding alone and loving every second !Thank you Dave”

Karen Blakemore, wednesday 31st may, 2017

“Absolutely brilliant experience. Dave had my reluctant 5 year old daughter riding a bike on her own in minutes. He is patient and confident and makes them want to do their best. Dave also took time to practice and give good tips to parents on keeping the children cycling”

Penny Foster, saturday 3rd june, 2017

“Dave is an amazing teacher and my previously wobbly six year old was riding with confidence after half an hour. Incredible – thank you!”

Charlotte Brown, saturday 3rd june, 2017

“Fantastic lesson he had my 5 year old going straight away , my son enjoyed it so much and came away so proud he could now ride his bike definitely recommended”

Sarah Reeder, saturday 24th june, 2017

“I can’t recommend this guy enough! 12 years I’ve been trying to get her to ride a bike without success! A quick phone call to Dave Burns and he comes along and gets her doing laps of the playground in 15 minutes flat! 😳 He’s magic! and a thoroughly nice guy to boot!”

Gary Bartlett, friday 9th june, 2017

“My oldest took to riding like a fish to water, my youngest (5) a little more fearful and wasn’t listening. So, we signed up for a lesson and Dave had him riding in 15 minutes. He quickly worked out what the mental block was and worked with my son to get round it and get him riding…. teaches good advice on how to handle a bike so would recommend for youngsters struggling to get going and adults who need a bit more confidence. Brilliant”

Laura Marie, sunday june 11th, 2017

“After struggling for what felt like forever getting my 7 year old to keep pedaling when someone let go. 25 minutes with Dave and she is racing away. The advise about the best bikes has resulted in one happy girl going for a ride on her new pink Frog this afternoon. Thank you very much Dave”

Samantha Hyder, sunday june 25th, 2017

“I can’t rate Dave enough!!
He was so great with my daughter and gave her the confidence to believe in herself. He had her riding within 10mins and by the end of the lesson she was off like a pro!”

Dawn Dhillon, sunday 9th july, 2017

“Dave was great and really made Maya feel at ease. Within 5 mins she was riding her bike on her own! Amazing �� thanks so much!”

Sarah Sowerby, sunday 9th july, 2017

“Just amazing. I can’t recommend Dave highly enough. My 4 (& 3/4) year old was riding within 20 minutes. She’s a chatterbox and not the easiest to stay focused but Dave managed to keep her interested. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.”

Peter and Nicola, sunday 9th july, 2017

“Dave is a total miracle worker and had my 5 yr old off without stabilisers within minutes of the lesson. He turned a rather freaked (of falling off), stabiliser loving boy into a smiling, confident independent rider in under an hr. I know now how to continue to support my son in his bike riding journey and I’m so very grateful to you Dave. Thanks. Nicola”

Michelle Whittaker, saturday 15th july, 2017

“We’d been trying to teach our son to ride his bike since Christmas, Dave him him cycling on his own within 5 minutes. The taught him how to start off on his own, steer etc. 
Can’t recommend enough!”

Charlotte Starford, sunday 16th july, 2017

“My 7 year old son, Herbie had an awesome bike lesson yesterday with Dave. Herbie was a bit nervous, but Dave was really good with him and put him completely at ease. From being a complete novice he was up and off within10 minutes!! Amazing!! Dave spent the next 50 minutes encouraging Herbie and by the end of the lesson his confidence and new found bike riding skills were very impressive. We travelled from Riccall nr Selby for this lesson but would have been happy to travel to Scotland we were so impressed with the results! Well done Dave – you are a SuperStar (and well done Herbie!) 
Would HIGHLY recommend. Charlotte Starford”

Hannah Gray, thursday 27th july, 2017

“Dave is amazing! Our son could only just balance when our Magic hour began but within 30 mins Dave had him riding properly!! I can’t recommend him enough!! Thank you!”

Melanie Farnell, friday 28th july, 2017

“Just got to say my son had an amazing lesson with Dave today, he managed to get my little uncoordinated scatterbrain to balance and concentrate.He had so much fun even in the rain!!!! Would recommend it to anyone.”

Bev Dillon, tuesday 1st august, 2017

“Dave is the bike whisperer! He was absolutely amazing with my daughter during her 1:1 lesson and had her riding on her own in under 15 minutes. She thoroughly enjoyed her lesson and even when her confidence was fading at one point he had her giving it another go with a huge smile on her face again. Worth every penny and more!”

Rachel Rice, thursday 3rd august, 2017

“Dave was brilliant with my 5 year old who apart from a balance bike a while ago, had never rode a pedal bike. He got my son riding very quickly and was very patient. Can highly recommend Dave and worth every penny of the £20 spent. Thanks dave”

Mandy Nunn, thursday 3rd august, 2017

“This morning my son could balance sort of, but not ride his bike independently, he was nervous about coming but Dave put him at ease, I honestly can’t thank you enough for today, I’m so proud that Max can now ride his bike, and in an hour!!!! Best £20 I have ever spent!! Thank you Dave!!”

Charlotte Woodhall-Jones saturday 5th august, 2017

“Isaac (6 year old) had a magic hour with Dave today. I was nervous, he was anxious (he didn’t eat his lunch he was so anxious), but after 5 minutes (seriously 5 minutes!!) Dave had him riding on his own!! He is truly magical, and I am both superbly proud of Isaac for overcoming some major anxiety and thankful to Dave for helping him find a way to do it! I would recommend Dave to anyone.”

Sammi Louise Ramsey saturday 5th august, 2017

“Extremely pleased with our magic lesson this evening! After having an extremely temperamental, emotional, overtired unwilling 5 year old, by the end of the magic hour was on a bike confidently all smiles and having the time of her life! Along with her little brother who could ride but was shown some more skills. I was also given some invaluable knowledge on new bikes and how to fit their helmets properly! Very very pleased”

Kerie Digings-Woods, sunday 6th august, 2017

“Fab session with Dave today. After nearly three years of on off trying with jude, Dave managed it in 5 minutes. Me in bits just watching Jude finally get it! Dave- totally top bloke. 
Says Tim – the hubby”

Sarah Drake, thursday 10th august, 2017

“My scared daughter who thought she couldn’t ride a bike was off within 20 minutes! Amazing! Thank you Dave for not only helping her but also giving her a massive boost of confidence. My son now wants to learn so I am sure we will be back again very soon!”

Laura Angus, sunday 13th august, 2017

“We cracked it Dave, thanks for all your help”


Jemma Dunmore, friday august 11th, 2017

“We had tried everything to get our 10 year old daughter riding a bike over the years. To the point where she refused to get on one or even look at one! She hated bikes.

She was extremely nervous about the lesson and I was worried she might not even do it.

Dave put her at her ease straight away. He got her balancing, encouraged her & was extremely patient with her.

To our amazement, by the end of the lesson she was riding a bike unaided & was loving it! A complete turnaround & she is so happy with herself.

We can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Michelle Phillips, wed 16th august, 2017

“Jake is 7 and myself and his dad tried everything to help him ride a bike with no joy! One hour with Dave and Jake can officially ride a bike! So highly recommend Dave, he was so patient with Jake and made learning to ride a bike fun.. above all Jake is so proud of himself thank you again!”

Anna Jaques, sunday 20th august, 2017

“The magic hour is just that. Utter magic. After a few years of trying and failing my son rode a bike today for the first time ever. Worth every penny. Thanks so much Dave, you awesome teacher you!”

Cloie Louise, sunday 20th august, 2017

“Dave has been great with our very nervous 7 year old who now wants to do races and yesterday our 3.5 yr old who has spent 2hrs supporting me at a cycling sportive riding around the start zone wowing all the women there with his skills! Amazing!”

Annette Clarke, tuesday 22nd august, 2017

“On this day 6 years ago Barney got his first balance bike and due to confidence, nerves and just plain anxiety he has struggled to progress to pedals, until today! 
Dave had him riding independently in under 5 minutes and loving every second. We can’t thank you enough. In Barney’s own words Dave was incredible ‘I couldn’t ride my bike and now I can, thank you so so much'”

video here

Alison Giles, thursday 24th august, 2017

“Absolutely great. My son was scared at first but after a while and lots of reassurance was off like a pro and his younger sister was also off both within the hour lesson. Thank you for all the help and the magic.”

Emma Llewellyn, thursday 24th august, 2017

“Amazing! My little girl was riding with in 10mins, Dave was so reassuring and an all round amazing teacher! I can not recommend him enough. Price is so reasonable and well you certainly get what you pay for!!� I have one happy 6 year old � thank you �”

Andrew Marks, sat 2nd september, 2017

“Absolute legend. Should call himself the magician with the magic hour. I tried for months to get our 4 year old on his bike and failed. He was off within the first 30 mins. Change your name to i will ride my bike. Thanks Dave”

Jen Round, Saturday 26th september, 2017

“Highly recommend Dave and his expertise and patience. We went with 2 children who couldn’t ride their bikes and came away with 2 children who could! Our 3 year old took less than 5 minutes and our 5 year old needed a little more help due to lack of confidence. However with Dave and his patience and perseverance she cracked it. Thank you so much Dave.”

Vici Lou, sunday 1st october, 2017

“Just amazing! Dave was fabulous with my 7 year old daughter and had her riding a bike in 5 minutes!! Thanks so much xx”

Odette Metcalfe, saturday 21st october, 2017

“Izzy had a 1:1 lesson with Dave today and she was off and away within 10 min. She now wants to ride non stop even in the dark. I’m going to have my work cut out for me now. Thank you Dave for helping her ride and giving her the confidence to do it.”

Lorna Holbrook, saturday 21st october, 2017

“Huge thanks Dave! I am gobsmacked that you managed to get Lissy to ride her bike in 6 minutes! ! She’s so proud of herself”

Emily Burton, sunday 22nd october, 2017

“Thank you so much for Emily’s magic hour today – she absolutely loved it and is brimming with confidence and eager to get out cycling! It truly was a magic hour!”

Kath Wright, thursday 26th october, 2017

“Fantastic lesson today with Dave. After just 5 minutes of being on a bike Stanley was riding independently. We couldn’t believe. After months of stress and tantrums we have one very happy boy. Can not recommend Dave enough”

Vicoria Mercer, thursday 26th october, 2017

” had a child who could balance and one who couldn’t. By the end of their magic hours one could ride independently with masses of confidence and one who could ride with encouragement. This was a truly magical experience for the family and the children are both excited to get back out on their bikes. Thanks Dave for the life skills you’ve given our children.”

Caroline Lawrence Baum, friday 27th october, 2017

“Thanks Dave for giving Zachary the confidence to ride his bike. You help them to relax and enjoy the experience.”

Nikki Oxley, saturday 28th october, 2017

“Amazing, amazing, amazing! Wish we’d found Dave sooner! Charlie has tried balance bikes, normal bikes and scooters and could never get it! Dave was so friendly and fun for Charlie so he bonded with him straight away and Charlie clearly trusted him. Charlie had no confidence at all… one hour later he’s confident and happy riding his own bike! Thank you so much! Can’t wait for us all to get out on a bike ride! Excellent “

Michelle Wood, friday 3rd November, 2017

“Yesterday my 4 year old son had an hour riding ….he could already ride but struggles to start and stop….ha…quite important! Within 20 minutes he had cracked both and he enjoyed every minute of it! Dave is very professional and was lovely with my son…had lots of bike and helmet advice too! Very Highly Recommended! “

Kirsty Sutton, saturday 4th november, 2017

“Totally awesome, can’t believe how quickly Dave had my daughter riding. Fab would 100% recommend to anyone who is struggling to get their little one riding and great value too.”

Danielle Gill, sunday 5th november, 2017

“Dave is amazing…withing the first 15 minutes of the hour my 3 year old little boy was riding his bike. Dave was so good with him and got him going straight away. Thank you Dave will definately be recommending you xx”

Linzi Underwood, saturday 11th november, 2017

“Absolutely brilliant!! Dave had my little boy riding in 15 minutes and his confidence by the end of the lesson was amazing! 
Great lesson and lots of advice given too! Definitely recommend to anyone !”

Lisa Mason, saturday 11th november, 2017

“Tyler has poor balance and his motor skills are not the best according to SEN ..today Dave got him to ride his bike at the age of 10 and Tyler had the best time with his confidence at an all time high ..the smile on his face at home ..money couldnt buy..you are brilliant ! and you almost must be knackered with all the running around you do all day .”

Sarah Whittle, sunday 12th november, 2017

“James couldn’t balance before his magic hour and had convinced himself he’d never be able to ride his bike. Within 5 minutes Dave had him balancing, he understood at every point james’s worries and had a strategy for each one! He was setting off and riding by himself by the end and truly believes Dave has magic powers. Amazing, I wish I’d done this months ago “

Rachel Cole, sunday 12th november, 2017

“Thank you so much for The Magic Hour session with Darcey today. 
She often struggles with change and new experiences but you were so patient and understanding with her. 
It was fantastic how you adapted the session to meet her needs, put up with the tears and kept up the fun which definitely motivated her to keep trying.

She has already asked to go again for another session and said afterwards the hour only felt like five minutes! 
Will definitely be recommending to friends, thank you. Rachel and Darcey”

Jill Campbell, saturday 18th november, 2017

“Wow, having read reviews beforehand, I was confident Dave was good at what he does but nothing prepared us for the true ‘magic’ that happened during our session! Dave is so calm, patient and put our daughter at ease very quickly (not an easy task!) The methods he uses are fab and within half an hour she was riding by herself! His knowledge and expertise is second to none and he gave us loads of great advice for taking her riding forward and also what we need to be looking for in a “suitable” bike for her (we turned up, as I’m sure most parents of young girls do, with a ‘frilly’ bike with a baby seat on the back!!) Can’t thank you enough Dave, thank you!! X x”

Dean Poxon, saturday 3rd february, 2018

“I tried and tried with my two girls to ride their bikes I’ve had Full on tantrums from both girls saying that they hate me and more. I took them to Dave and within half an hour he had both girls peddling their bikes
This guy (Dave) is the guy�
If you you want your kids out and about on their bike give Dave a shout …. thanks again Dave �
one happy dad and two tantrum free girls”

Laura Lister, friday 16th february, 2018

“Having a little girl that wouldn’t even sit on her bike without stabilisers, and had never been on a balance bike before, Dave had her balancing and cycling independently within the hour! Fantastic guy and well worth the trip over to Harrogate! Thank you again Dave!”

Eleanor Atkinson, sunday 25th feb, 2018

“Brilliant, thank you Dave! Oscar is so chuffed he can finally ride his bike!”

 Charlotte Rose Monk, sunday 18th march 2018

“Dave got my little boy (3) peddling about within minutes of his magic hour! Taught him the tricks of setting off and stopping (without crashing into a wall :-)) and generally had a good old laugh -despite the freezing weather. Knowledgeable, professional, lovely bloke. Highly recommended. Thanks Dave – Alfie is so happy ! X”

Vicky Gledhill, sunday 1st april, 2018

“My son did this a few weekends ago and Dave was great with him my son came back home so pleased with himself that he could ride a bike without stabilisers he also gave advice about my son bike and what bike would suite him best thanks you so much”

Lauren Bosquet, sunday 1st april, 2018

“I have to rave about Dave and I want to ride my bike. My little girl is 3 and had her lesson with Dave this morning. From just about balancing on her balance bike to riding her pedal bike on her own in under 30 mins!! I was sceptical he could get her riding in one lesson but Dave made it look easy. He has a wonderful manner with the kids and I’ve honestly never seen her so proud of herself. As soon as we got home she wanted to go out on her bike again. Can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Lauren Bosquet, sunday 1st april, 2018

“I have to rave about Dave and I want to ride my bike. My little girl is 3 and had her lesson with Dave this morning. From just about balancing on her balance bike to riding her pedal bike on her own in under 30 mins!! I was sceptical he could get her riding in one lesson but Dave made it look easy. He has a wonderful manner with the kids and I’ve honestly never seen her so proud of herself. As soon as we got home she wanted to go out on her bike again. Can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Siobhan Young, wednesday 4th april, 2018

“Dave I just wanted to thank you for teaching Orla today. She’d never managed to successfully pedal anything before the lesson and was off cycling within the ‘magic hour’ which even after reading all the reviews and listening to plenty of friends recommending you, I was still amazed by. You have such a great way of teaching and Orla loved every minute and can’t wait to carry on practising so thank you.”

Rachel Carpenter, thursday 5th april, 2018

“Had a lesson yesterday and my son is confidently riding around on his bike today. I can’t get him off his bike now! Amazing best £25 I have ever spent. Thanks so much”

Jane Barriman,  wednesday 11th april, 2018

“Dave is magical! Riding her bike within the hour. Thank you so much”

Camilla Shepherd, wednesday 11th april, 2018

“Charlie had the last slot of the day and you would have thought it was Dave’s first he was so enthusiastic and encouraging for Charlie who loved every second! And yes he got him to ride for the very first time! Magic hour indeed – can’t recommend using Dave highly enough – he’s now given us tips to help Charlie keep practicing and on bike set up – the works! Thanks again!”

Laura Allen, thursday 12th april, 2018

“Dave is the best teacher ever. I didn’t think he would get Henry riding in one lesson but he did it in less than half an hour! I can’t recommend him enough – I thought we’d never get the stabilisers off Henry’s bike but I was wrong. My little boy is so proud of himself and I’m so proud I could burst. Thanks Dave!”

Andrea Spensley, friday 13th april, 2018

“Just wanted to say a huge thankyou and to recommend Dave. It was a cold and rainy afternoon but Dave had Sophia riding a bike within 5 mins. He’s so patient and great with children. Also has huge experience and knowledge of bikes. Happy to help parents re advising on bikes too. A great business. Thanks again for taking the stress out of teaching my daughter to ride her bike”

Heather Stuart, sat 14th april, 2018

Cannot rate Dave enough….the “magic hour” does exactly what it says…..little man riding independently in less than an hour. Thank you Dave”

Colette Safhill, saturday 14th april, 2018

“My daughters aged 6 & 8 had a magic hour and they can both now ride their bikes !!! Unbelievable!!!!! I spent months .. in fact 2 years trying to teach them to ride and in 1 hour they have got it !! Fantastic!!!!!!!!! Thank you”

Kelly Marie, sunday 15th april, 2018

“Amazing! Within minutes he had my daughter riding her bike independently! Such an amazing teacher. Luna hasn’t stopped talking about it all the way home and can’t wait to get out riding her bike! Thankyou so much! “

Adele Thornhill, sat 21st april, 2018

“We had a 1:1 bike skills lesson today for my 5 year old and he really enjoyed it. Dave was great with my son, really patient and gave my husband and I lots of helpful tips and advice. 

On the way home my son asked if he could have another bike lesson with Dave because it was “awesome”. Highly recommended!

Thank you Dave!”

Jill Baxter, sunday 22nd april, 2018

“Wow. Just wow. Despite traffic conspiring against us meaning that we lost 20 mins, a catastrophic 5yo vs. building collision (first one ever, apparently – what a record to hold!) and an over-enthusiastic (with slight attention span issues) Dave got him up and running (biking, I suppose) with time to spare. From being pedal-phobic to starting/riding/stopping in 50 mins. What a service. Thanks Dave – you are a talented bloke.”

Paula Johnson-Laird, sunday 22nd april, 2018

“Thank you so much Dave! Our scooter mad daughter was converted in minutes! It really is a *magic* hour, I can’t recommend highly enough! We’re now looking forward to a summer of bike adventures”

Jennifer Mehta, sunday 22nd april, 2018

🌟🌟🌟 Wow!! 🌟🌟🌟

I have been trying to teach my 8 year old daughter how to ride her bike without stabilisers for 4 years. She was in the wonderfully experienced presence of Dave for just 15 minutes and before I knew it she was whizzing round the playground like a pro and loving every second!!

This guy is absolutely amazing; he’s great with kids, and he really knows his stuff.

If you’re trying to teach your child to ride independently, save yourself hours (or years, in my case!) of back breaking work and just book Dave for an hour.

I’ll definitely be back in the summer with my 5 year old!”

Claire Greenall, sunday 29th april, 2018

“Brilliant brilliant …wow never expected Dave to get my daughter riding a bike within an hour! We had tried to teach her a few times before but was more frustrating for our daughter rather than an enjoyable experience. Dave was the answer for us and I can highly recommend him. He’s a great teacher…Thanks again.”

Ricky Phillips, sunday 29th april, 2018

“Amazed Dave managed to get my little boy not only balancing but riding a bike after 1 lesson. Also gave great advise on what bike would best suit. Highly recommend, thanks again”

Deborah Priest, thursday 10th may, 2018

“Thanks Dave! Bella is officially pedalling on all cylinders now! 🚲 🚲”

Chris Denning, sunday 13th may 2018

“Jacob had been on a balance bike for quite a while but we hadn’t been able to get him up to a pedal bike. Dave had him riding by himself within 10 min of arriving!! By the end of the hour Jacob was confidently flying around the playground and not wanting to go home! Thanks Dave, see you on the trails!”

Helen Spink, sunday 13th may, 2018

“I cannot rate Dave highly enough as a cycling instructor! He got both my sons setting off, riding, turning and stopping independently in well under 2 hours!”

Caroline Miller, wed 16th may, 2018

“I really thought that Dave would meet his match with our very stubborn 6 year old son. All previous attempts had ended in failure in getting him riding his bike. I am delighted to say I was completely wrong and now we have one very happy little boy who can ride his bike just like his friends and it took less than a hour! The magic hour really is magic! Many thanks to Dave for his patience and expertise.”

Zsuzsanna Racz, saturday 19th may, 2018


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for teaching Greta today.You had my daughter riding the bike within 10 minutes. Wow

I can’t recommend you enough.You are calm and patient with children also gave us loads of great advices!
Many thanks!”

Liz Morritt, wednesday 30th may, 2018

“Well, what can I say…Dave is a legend! He had my daughters problem sussed within minutes. She left her lesson feeling confident and proud! Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!”

Louise Sanderson, thursday 31st may, 2018

“Thank you so much Dave for getting my 6 year old riding without stabilisers. After spending many hours myself unsuccessfully it took you about 4 minutes! You even squeezed us in last minute on a Friday night in advance of a Center Parcs trip. What a star 🌟”

Louise Oddie, thursday 31st may, 2018

“Can’t recommend Dave enough. Took my 6yr old yesterday who could ride a balance bike and bike with stabilisers but within a few minutes!!! of Dave’s time and instruction he was riding around independently and confidently on his own bike. Absolutely brilliant !!! 
Thanks a million Dave. Xxx”

Vicky Stephenson, saturday 2nd june, 2018

“Been trying to get my daughter riding for months and had no joy, within 5 mins of being with Dave my daughter was off and we couldn’t get her to stop. Daves brilliant with the kids and listens to where they are at in terms of balance and peddling x”

Samantha Jackson, sunday 3rd june, 2018

“Dave was fantastic and taught my little girl to ride her bike in minutes. Also checked over and made her own bike use able and gave fantastic advice. Amazing experience for my little girl who’s fear of falling was gone in seconds. Cannot recommend more highly. Thank you I want to ride my bike”

Ben Harman, sunday 3rd june, 2018

“Big thanks to Dave Burns , just got my son riding a bike in under an hour. My son loved it and is so confident now. I think I learned as much as my son did! Top service, top man!”

Ayesha Rizwan, sunday 3rd june, 2018

“Fantastic lesson from fantastic teacher, My Son didn’t have any idea how to ride his bike without stabilisers and he learned in just 15-20 mins . Highly Recommended for all the new Bike Riders�
Thanks Dave you’re Amazing!!”

Emma Bolland, sunday 3rd june, 2018

“Dave taught my stubborn, over dramatic 6 year old daughter to ride her bike this morning!. He was fantastic. Dave has so much patience with her and got her going on her own in no time at all. Thanks again Dave! Highly recommended!”

Karen Strickland, monday 5th june, 2018

“Within 10 minutes our daughter went from being unable to ride a bike to riding on her own. Dave was great despite Emily testing his patience! Can’t recommend enough. Thank you!”

Louise Thurston, sunday 10th june, 2018

“A magic hour really is magic. And Dave is a lovely guy. Fully recommend!”

Heather Stuart, friday 22nd june, 2018

“Cannot say how amazing Dave is….8 weeks ago my son couldn’t ride without stabilisers…last Sunday we rode 18km around Dalby Forest. It certainly is a magic hour. Thanks Dave xx”

 Emma Clewes, sunday 24th june, 2018

“Wow …… From not balancing to riding in 2 hours! Well done girls you smashed it 🏅🚴Much better than spending hours and hours attempting to teach them ourselves when actually the way I thought we should teach them & what we should use was totally wrong 🤦🤦🤦

Massive thanks to Dave at I want to ride my bike and Michelle for the recommendation x”

Sarah Sinnott, saturday 30th june, 2018

“We had an absolutely fabulous Magic Hour this morning with Dave and our 4 year old daughter. Dave is so patient, knowledgeable and most of all, fun! Sadie had a blast and hasn’t stopped talking about her “bike lesson” all day. Thanks for transforming our wobbly and cautious girl to an “almost” cyclist!”

Sarah Corcoran, sunday 1st july, 2018

“Absolutely fantastic- thanks dave your a legend, ruby was off and cycling in 10 mins and yet I’ve been struggling for weeks 😀”

James Kundi, sunday 8th july, 2018

“Unbelievable!!! Got our son Harry riding his bike in 10 seconds. Great guy, great service”

Emma Hilditch, tuesday 10th july, 2018

“I can not recommend Dave enough to everybody I meet! Our son was off riding within seconds and hasn’t looked back. All of Dave’s tips and advice was amazing. Made a little boy very happy (especially as mummy and daddy have now bought him a new bike!)”

Leanne Walsh, sat 14th july, 2018

“I have been trying to teach my 6 year old daughter Isla to ride a bike without stabilisers for months. 1.5 hours with Dave and she is happily riding, scooting off on her own and not one tear or tantrum!! I cannot thank you enough.”

Kimberley Williams, thursday 26th july, 2018

“Amazing! Oliver was super cautious, in fact terrified! After 30 minutes Oliver could ride a bike! He then learnt how to set himself off and had a go on his own bike. As soon as we got home Oliver was straight on his bike to show his Dad that he could ride.”

Lois Murdoch, saturday 28th july, 2018

“My son (4) just had a great ‘Magic Hour’ with Dave. He’s now riding his bike and there was plenty of tips for me to help too! Thank you.”

Katie Fordham, saturday 28th july, 2018

“Wow what a magical hour!!! My little girl isn’t yet 4yrs old and had never used pedals before and was up and running in 30 mins 😊I could not recommend I want to ride my bike any more. It turned what could have been something very stressful into an easy ride 😜. The whole experience has been fab from booking to completing the lesson. Dave was also so helpful with his knowledge of bikes helping me decide the right brand/size to buy and also gave me lots of fab tips when we are riding at home. Thanks again Dave and I’ll see you in a few years with my other little girl.”

Phil Pickering, sunday 29th july, 2018

“What a hero Dave. Bucketing it down with rain but still managed to teach Bella the basics and have her powering along. Thank you so much!! Would highly recommend.”

Stefanie Potts, wednesday 1st august, 2018

“Thank you so much for today, I can’t believe how fast you got him riding, that fast that I felt embarrassed that I even had to bring him lol. Would 100% recommend you to others. Thanks again.”

Nicola Ridgway, thursday 2nd august, 2018

“Amazing! Dave had my daughter riding a bike within 5 minutes, something we have been trying for months with no success! Dave gave her the confidence and techniques to just go for it. Magic hour really is what it says, would highly recommend it. Thank you.”

Leanne Slater, thursday 2nd august, 2018

“From a 7 year old who couldn’t even balance, to riding all on her own in 15 minutes! Absolutely amazing, highly recommended”

Catherine Louise Elsom, friday 3rd august 2018

“One word……..Amazing!!! He has so much patience the best £25 I have spent!! We have tried to teach our 9 year old so many times, 15 minutes with Dave and he’s balancing, 30 minutes he’s riding his bike � very impressive….thank you”

Trudy Brown, thursday 2nd august 2018

” Cannot recommend highly enough! From an inexperienced nervous 5 year old fretting all the way to the lesson to cycling on his own in the first 5 mins. Fantastic! Before the hour was up he was confidently cycling and starting off on his own. Great learnings for us too how to help him to do things the right way from mounting his bike on the “clean” and therefore pavement side, keeping focussed on the right thingsto fitting his helmet correctly. Great help and support on choosing the right bike. Thanks Dave”

Jennifer bah, tuesday 7th august, 2018

“Great bike lesson today had my daughter solo pedalling with only a few minutes “

Bryony Hilton, wednesday 8th august, 2018
“Excellent cycling tuition from Dave. He got my slightly wild, very inexperienced 5yr old son with a very short attention span riding a bike within the hour. Would highly recommend! Thank you”
Amy Brickell,  wednesday 8th august, 2018
“Dave is brilliant, he speaks to the kids on their level without being patronising and he has a laugh with them, he put Noah at ease straight away. Definitely recommended, thanks a lot.”

Tanya Battle, sat 11th august, 2018

“Excellent experience! I would highly recommend”

Sophie Huckstep, sat 11th august, 2018

“Dave was fantastic with my son who had really lost his confidence after a bad fall. He wouldn’t even get on his bike! Within 10 minutes Dave had him riding! Best £24 we have ever spent. Not only the brilliance with Noah but also the advice he gave on bikes and safety. Would 100% recommend to anyone!”

Amy Denton, sat 11th august, 2018

“the best £25 I have ever spent. Thank you so much Dave for teaching Emily to ride her bike sow quickly and confidently.”

Robert Taylor, sat 11th august, 2018

“Amazing session with Dave. Really knows his stuff and helped get my little boy pedalling on his own. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Even shared his birthday maltesers with us!!”

Paul Carsley, wednesday 15th august, 2018

“Outstanding! 5 year old riding her bike after only a few minutes and our 8 year old much more confident. Dave is a fantastic instructor and Would recommend to anyone.”

Sarah Bradley,  friday 17th august 2018

“The best £25 you will spend! 

Dave had my 4 year old boy riding about 2 minutes into our Magic hour lesson! He then got him breaking, stopping, setting off as well as lots of other useful tips, and his bike got a little service while we practiced.
Oscar is over the moon and I can’t get him off his bike now! 
Will be telling everyone I know about you Dave, thank you so much! 😊”
Carol Ratcliff, saturday 18th august, 2018
“Highly recommend Dave for anyone learning to ride a bike or gain confidence, Harry my son had a lesson with Dave at the beginning of July, at this point Harry couldn’t balance let alone ride his bike…a magic hour with Dave left Harry balancing and peddling his own bike, we booked a follow up lesson which we have just had today, Harry’s confidence in cycling is now great and he was ecstatic today with his certificate for passing the bike skills course. “
Jo Smith,  saturday 18th august 2018

“Dave was brilliant with my 3 kids. my 9 year old was adamant she wasn’t going to cycle ever but he had her and her sister going within a few minutes. my 4 year old son took a little longer but was up and running at the end of our 2 hour stint. Now I can enjoy cycling with the kids and not get back.ache having to support them.  Money well spent 
Thanks Dave”

Adele Godley, sunday 19th august 2018

“I know the children all call you “Magic Dave” but you really are! Casper was off within 10mins thank you so much one very happy, bike confident little boy ready for lots of adventures on his bike.”

Clare Jones, sunday 19th august 2018

“So proud of Harry (my little scaredy cat), who’s just mastered riding a bike. Big thanks to the fabulous Dave @iwanttoridemybikeharrogate for giving him the confidence to crack it. Can’t recommend the lovely Dave highly enough 🚴🏻‍♂️👏🏻💙”

Laura Thompson, sunday 19th august 2018

“Absolutely amazing! Dave is a miracle worker who gave my son the confidence to be up and off, riding his bike within the hour! Such a lovely guy! Thanks Dave  “

James Kerr, wednesday 29th august, 2018

“Hi Dave, just wanted to say a big THANKS for today, excellent insight, sound methodical, logical tuition with a patient and friendly manner 10/10. Robyn now has her new Frog 48 in Union Jack (her choice), she was trying to ride it around the shop 😂

Susie Cook, wednesday 29th august, 2018

“I was quite apprehensive about taking my son to see Dave today.

Would he really be able to teach my son how to ride a bike in just 1 hour? 
My son couldn’t balance & definitely couldn’t ride a bike.

Would there be tears, tantrums & the giving up?……I’ve had all of these and more.

Well…….after an hour spent with Dave we are well & truly on the right path.

There were some tears & “can’t do it” along the way but with a bit of coaxing & great patience by Dave we made giant leaps today.

My son’s balance is now there if still a bit wobbly & my son actually managed a good few feet on his own!

Dave has helped me too by teaching me how to help my son with his confidence & to build on what he has been taught today.
(And no more backache for me…..lol)

Dave obviously loves what he does & it shows.

I can’t recommend Dave highly enough.

If my story sounds familiar, book in with Dave…..you wont be disappointed.

Thank you again Dave 🚴‍♂️👍🏻🙂”

Amy Ashton, friday 30th august, 2018

“Thank you so much you are literally the bike whisperer! You achieved more in 30 minutes than we ever have with Oscar I cannot recommend Dave enough 🙌🏽🚲”

Caroline Kilvington, saturday 1st september, 2018

“Thank you so much – not just for getting my little one going within minutes, but for all the advice about safety, bikes, helmets….. loads of good tips and information.
But best of all my 5 year old is now up and off, pedalling away and so happy!
Thank you so much, will be recommending you to everyone!”

Rachel Sutcliffe, saturday 1st september, 2018

“Dave was brilliant. Max would never ride his bike, always saying he couldn’t do it. An hour with Dave and he is riding away.”

Emma Kenning, saturday 1st september, 2018
“Fantastic ‘Magic Hour’ with Dave today and Fin was riding his bike like he’d always been able to. Can’t recommend Dave enough, in fact I have already to many of my friends”
Tara Luby Saleem, sunday 2nd september, 2018

“Absolutely fantastic first lesson. Dave had my son Ishaan Cycling within in 8 minutes… had no confidence whatsoever ever ,all credit to Dave and his great teaching 

Chris Mander, friday 14th september, 2018

“I went from being unable to ride a bike to riding round a car park within half an hour. 10/10”

Katy Louise Nelson, saturday 15th september, 2018

“Amazing experience. 15 minutes and Lotti can ride. Thank you so much x”

Paule Phillips, sunday 16th september, 2018

“2 minutes in Matthew was balancing and 8 minutes in Matthew was riding his bike. My face aches from smiling and utter amazement. Dave you have the patience of a saint and amazing at what you do. I can’t thank you enough. Magic hour is as it says.. “magic””

Sarah Charlesworth, sunday 16th september, 2018

“Dave is fantastic, a great guy who is brilliant with kids. He managed to get our son cycling so quickly by giving him the confidence he needed 

Steph Anna Hustwith, sunday 18th september, 2018

“Dave was brilliant with a very reluctant Charlie! After a very shaky start of him crying and refusing to do anything, Dave managed to get him on to the balance bike and enjoying it! By the end of the session he’s got him balancing and gliding across the playground. Something which Charlie absolutely could not do at the start! 

He’s given me some great tips and techniques to use now to make the transition from balance bike to pedalling.
He also gave me some fantastic advice regarding the right bike to get. 
He is so good at gaining the little ones trust and building their confidence! 
Would absolutely recommend him if you’re struggling getting started!”

Jenna Louise Ellis, sunday 16th september, 2018

“Thank you Dave! Sofia is so happy and so are we! So pleased she can ride her bike, you really are the magic hour man! Would highly recommend!”

Will James, sunday 23rd september, 2018

“After 30 seconds it’s plain to see why Dave is so booked up. Had a perfect attitude with our daughter who can be a bit shy and nervous but he had her giggling within a minute. She absolutely loved the lesson with the perfect amount of encouragement and distraction and actually had her riding within the hour having had no previous experience with riding or even balancing without stabilizers. Gave advice how to continue the learning at home as well as safety and bike tips. Cannot recommend highly enough and an absolute gent to boot.”

Olivia Rock, sunday 30th september, 2018

“So impressed with I want to ride my bike! Harry went today and was riding within 10 mins. Dave was great with him and kept him interested and smiling! Harry can’t wait to get out on his bike! Well recommended 👍🏻”

Gareth Drane, saturday 6th october, 2018

“Thank you so much for helping Alyssia to ride a bike. We have one happy girl. Dave Lots of patience. 100% recommend”

Teresa Downes, sunday 7th october, 2018

“Dave had Ethan, 6 with SEN, peddling on a bike by himself in five minutes. No joke.

Highly recommended!!”

Nicola Sharp, saturday 13th october, 2018

“One happy little boy! Cycling in one lesson and couldn’t even balance beforehand. Thank you so much!!”

Helen Womersley, sunday 14th october, 2018

“So I read the reviews before booking thinking my 6 year old would be the exception to the rule given he had never been fussed for the balance bike and is always a bit of a chicken.

Booked back to back lessons for my 6 year old and his just turned 4 year old brother who wasn’t even great with a balance bike.

I am sooo pleased to say that they were not the exception to the rule. Noah, the 6 year old, was riding in minutes. His brother was off riding on pedals alone during the lesson too.

The whole process from start to finish was easy. Dave was brilliant, friendly, helpful and excellent customer service, From me emailing him asking for advice on bikes and when to book the classes right through to on the day giving us loads of tips and fiddling with their bikes for us.

Brilliant day all around. Will recommend to everyone I know!”

Kyla Story saturday 13th october, 2018

“Thanks for a super magic hour. Hugo laughed, smiled and sang his way around growing in confidence with every activity. When we got home he wanted to show off his new skills setting off and made daddy run really fast courtesy of his new found speed! “

Victoria Montgomery, sunday 14th october, 2018

“Thanks so much Dave, I can’t believe how quickly you got him cycling! There’s no stopping him now!!”

Michael Jackson, saturday 20th october, 2018
“I have one very excited and happy daughter , i can’t thank you enough Dave, I was amazed that it only took you literally only 5 mins to get her riding! Thank you again and can 100% recommend anyone to get in touch and use Dave’s magic skills!”
Charlotte Gill, friday 26th october, 2018
“Dave was amazing at getting my son riding quickly and confidently. He definitely has the magic touch in getting kids going safely. My son had the biggest grin on his face after he accomplished his task and rode independently. Can’t recommend enough!”
Philippa Wordsworth, monday 29th october, 2018
“Dave got my 11 year old, who has some problems with leg strength and coordination, up and riding within the hour…..after years of trying to teach him at home. Done with humour and patience. My son thought he was a GOD!”
Laura Baker, thursday 1st november, 2018
“What an amazing hour! Dave is an amazing teacher and had Joseph cycling within 10 minutes. Can’t recommend Dave highly enough!!”
Amanda Ford, thursday 1st november, 2018
“Thank you Dave! Awesome to see Max up and running on his bike. Loved your style of teaching and clearly it works. Would highly recommend you to anyone trying to get their little own to ride – way less stressful than if I’d have tried! Learnt loads to help Max grow with his bike too! Thank you”
Claire Thomas, sunday 4th november, 2018
“Dave had my 6 yr old daughter balancing and then riding within the hour. He gave us some good advice and tips to keep up the good work at home. Millie’s confidence has improved massively in such a short space of time. Thank you Dave!”
Louise Lahive, saturday 10th november, 2018
“We thought we had tried everything with our 10 year old, who has learning delays, in trying to get her to ride her bike and had all become frustrated at the lack of progress she was making. I saw a friends post about I want to ride my bike on Facebook and got in touch with Dave. I booked a lesson with him and he gave us some exercises to practice in preparation for the lesson. In the lesson, on the second push Maisie was off and riding her bike – we couldn’t believe it and were so proud. We cannot recommend Dave highly enough, a really lovely guy who clearly had such a passion for cycling and helping kids. Thank you so much Dave, you have made the impossible possible! X”
Lynette Grace Smith, sunday 11th november, 2018
“Thank you Dave for your patience in teaching our Gabriel this afternoon. He improved so much and really impressed on how much he has learned. Just seeing he can ride a bike now is just fantastic. Keep it up. Highly recommended.”
Michelle Whittaker, sunday 11th november, 2018
“Alfie turned 4 last weekend. Dave had him riding in 3 minutes. 
So proud and thankful to Dave, there’s definitely some magic going on!”
Carolyn Cussins, saturday 17th november, 2018
“Fantastic magic hour. Chloe was riding within 10 minutes. I would never have believed it this morning! Thanks Dave xx”
Jennifer Piper, sunday 9th december, 2018
“Can’t recommend Dave (I want to ride my bike) enough!!! He was fab with my daughter Grace who has refused to learn to ride for 6 years, and within 5 minutes she was cycling in her own without even realising it!!!��� Top bloke and a really enjoyable hour, resulting in a very proud daughter (and Mummy too!!)”
Ceinwen GW, sunday 9th december, 2018

“Fantastic time! She was riding in seconds! Thanks for the help selecting the right bike for Santa to bring!”

Laura Webster, saturday 22nd december, 2018

“A big thank you to Dave for teaching Savannah to ride her bike today. Patience of a Saint”

Michelle Leanne Shepherd, sunday 23rd december, 2018

“Thank you so much to Dave for getting my little man riding all by himself. The amount of melt downs I’ve had trying to teach him. I though he would struggle to get him to do it. But Within 5mins of been sat on the bike he was away riding. This man is amazing at what he does. Now we better go buy him the bike we promised him 🙈”

Emma Ramsden, thursday 27th december, 2018

“Fantastic hour for William this morning with Dave. Brilliant from start to finish with lots of handy tips to help us keep up the practice at home!”

Naomi Dodgson, saturday 29th december, 2018

“From it wobbles, I’m scared, too fast it won’t go where I want, I can’t peddle this had me in tears best hour of Xmas so far.
Also great bike advice.”

Sarah Watt, friday 28th december, 2018

“It was great seeing Oliver finally ride his bike on his own yesterday. Well worth the journey to Harrogate and hopefully this is the start of things”

Kaeti Rawling, friday 4th january, 2019

“We had a great afternoon-Both children had basic skills but needed some support from someone other than a parent to help them to really enjoy cycling. The session really built the confidence of my 11 year old and taught some important skills for family bike rides. After a couple of previous knock backs the 8 year old was a going to be a harder nut to crack but Dave’s humour, patience, and distraction techniques worked a treat. He left buzzing!”

Louise Blantern, saturday 5th january, 2019

“Dave is a miracle worker! Having spent months trying to teach my 7 year old how to ride her bike, within 10 minutes Dave had her pedalling around the playground. Highly recommend.”

Claire Batty, saturday 12th january, 2019

“Absolutely brilliant. Took my daughter after she had only ever used a balance bike. It gave the confidence to use the peddles and balance and also taught me how to teach her properly. After a weeks practise she was then riding just after her 5th birthday and with so much confidence. Thank you so much worth every penny!”

Tory Hardy, saturday 19th january 2019

“Months and months of my (nearly) 6 year old being too scared to ride his bike, convinced he’d never be able to do it and then suddenly less than half an hour in we have this! Dave is absolutely amazing, so great with kids, giving great advice and building confidence and trust. Thank you, you literally changed this little boys life today! He’s been on his bike all afternoon 🚴🏻‍♂️

Absolutely amazing, Dave can work miracles. The confidence in my 6 year old now is just amazing, and to think he couldn’t even balance before we arrived – half an hour in and he’s peddling around! Absolutely fantastic! We’re over the moon and I have a very happy little boy! Thank you 
Madeline Madge, saturday 26th january, 2019
“Dave made my reluctant 10 year old feel empowered and amazing….riding within 15 minutes! I would never have believed it! Fun tuition and great tips for parents to support. Heartily recommended!”
Shaun Murphy,  saturday 26th january, 2019
“For anyone thinking about getting Dave to teach your kids stop wasting valuable time and get him booked. Our daughter had been on a bike twice before we got to Dave, both times simply walking along with me holding her up by the hood. In less than an hour Dave took her through balancing to pedalling and use of brakes. By the end of the lesson she was riding totally unaided. He came recommended to us so we were expecting good things but he managed to exceeded them. Cheers Dave, much appreciated.”
Sarah Leech, sunday 3rd february, 2019

“I can not believe the amazing results Dave gets! He had been recommended to us by a few people and I’m so glad he was. He had Izzy riding a bike in about 5 minutes. Amazing!!”

Sinead Sutcliffe, saturday 9th january, 2019

“AMAZING. Dave was super, so patient and a great manner with kids. huge success, Niall riding within the hour. 👍would highly recommend”

Lisa Kitto, sunday 10th february, 2019
“Thank you for helping my daughter to improve her confidence on her bike today. She just wants to ride now and has been riding again this afternoon. Totally recommend Dave if you’re thinking about booking.”
Philippa Barrett, monday 12th feb, 2019
“I can not recommend Dave enough! Molly loved learning to ride without stabilisers. The wind was insane and it started raining at one point but that didn’t stop her from having the best time! Dave was so helpful giving us tips to carry it on ourselves and offering advice on the best equipment. Great location and outstanding service! Thank you so much!”
Cheryl Hailwood, saturday 16th february, 2019

“Highly recommended Dave. Taught my girls to ride a bike within 5mins. Worth every penny. Thank you x”

Tracey Thompson, sunday 17th february, 2019

“…and just like that, she can ride her bike! 

Thanks Dave, the magic hour was magic indeed 👍🏻”

Lisa Gray, wednesday 20th february, 2019

“wow well impressed Dave was Lovely with maddy who was terrified to begin with. They both did amazing today. She’s super proud and loves magic Dave lol”

Sarah Cardwell, thursday 21st february, 2019

“Thanks Dave for helping my two girls today. Lucy is the most enthusiastic about riding her bike that she’s been in ages. It was fantastic watching the magic happen.”

Josephine Harrison, sunday 24th february, 2019

“After ear splitting tantrums and a total resistance to having his parents teach him we handed our 5 year old son over to magician Dave. 
Whilst we were booking in for a Magic Hour we booked our 3 year old daughter in for a session after him too. 
Dave has the right balance of teacher and fun guy to coach the kids and keep them engaged. 
The kids took it in turns to practice the skills and as hoped they were both pedalling independently before the session was ended. 
Thanks Dave!”

Kerry-Anne Hamilton, wednesday 27th february, 2019

“Our little girl was very reluctant and almost scared of the pedals, within 2 minutes she was riding on her own and by the end of the lesson she was pushing herself off and peddling. Me and my husband were absolutely amazed Dave is fantastic, his approach to teaching is so good I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone who would like to help their little ones on their way. It’s absolutely amazing watching Avery whizz around happily, she’s so proud telling people she can ride a big bike, Thank you so much 😊”

Emily Jane Chase, wednesday 27th february, 2019

“Thank you so much for squeezing us in. You are first class with communications. My son went from avoiding and not entertaining to now gliding and being proud. 30 minutes in he was so happy. He is beaming. Thank you so much. And even the family learnt about safety with breaks and helmets!”

Rebekah Ullmann, friday 28th february, 2019

“Cannot recommend Dave enough! My 3 year old absolutely loved his magic hour and was off riding in minutes!! Dave was amazing with him and so patient and gave us lots of tips with helping him ride safely at home! Also gave us lots of information on getting the right bike and helmet for him!! Really lovely guy and brilliant at what he does!”

Lauren Watson, sunday 3rd march, 2019
“Dave is absolutely magic! It took him less than 10 minutes to get our 3 year old up and running on his pedals yesterday. He’s confidently ridden the whole way around the knavesmire in York today. Dave doesn’t just teach how to ride a bike, he teaches the right way to mount and dismount, how to use the brakes and how to get going and slow down safely. 100% recommended!”
Judith Mckenna, sunday 3rd march, 2019
“Thanks so much, Dave – you made getting our son cycling so much fun. The results stuck too – he couldn’t ride for a few months over winter but as soon as we got his bike out again, he was straight back to the 4 Ls you taught him! The tips for what to do next and where to practice were invaluable too. Thanks.”
Renell Hewitt, sunday 3rd march, 2019
“Fantastic ‘magic hours’ with Dave this morning getting my 7yr old and 9yr old riding. Thank you for your expertise, patience and advice.”

Jade Duffin, sunday 10th march, 2019

“15minutes in and we’ve gone from barely balancing to riding a pedal bike, then coming to a safe stop using brakes. Thanks Dave!”

Neil Shearer, sunday 10th March 2019

“Great for getting your young child riding a bike properly. Good bike advice too. highly recommend.”

Michelle Smithson, sunday 17th March, 2019

“Highly recommend!! This guy is a genius. Had my granddaughter riding easy within the hour!!”

Laura Lindsay, sunday 17th march, 2019

“highly recommend, I dreaded teaching my two children to ride there bike.. within 5 minutes they were off by the end of the end of there hour they were both speeding round. Thank you”

Sarah Louise Wright, saturday 22nd march, 2019

Three children all riding within the hour! Two had never been in a bike before. Seriously the best value for money with the 1:1 magic hour session”

Nicola Connell, saturday 30th march, 2019

“Can’t thank Dave enough, he is amazing and worth every penny had this one riding within 1 minute, not kidding!”

Rachel Webster, saturday 6th april, 2019

“Can’t recommend Dave enough, Brooke was riding within 30 mins, got some great advice and recommendations from him too, Thankyou x”

Jo Cybaniak, sunday 7th april, 2019

“We had a ‘magic hour’ and our 3yr old went from being scared of her balance bike to pedalling across a playground by herself within the hour, it was amazing!
Can not recommend it enough, it really is a magic hour – not sure how he does it!”

Chrysoula Fysaraki, sunday 7th april, 2019

“Dave, We Cant thank you enough. Our 4 year old has no patience and has never been keen on any rides or pedalling. We booked two sessions in anticipation, he was riding from
The first session and used the second to build up confidence. Within a few weekends of trying together (although initially there was a lot of “i cant do it” involved) he was very confident and needing very little assistance. We ve just returned from centre parcs and my son was our “leader” in our bike rides there. Cycling as if he s done it for years. Most amazingly of all he really really has a passion for it!”

Tor Wakeman, sunday 7th april, 2019

“What a day – thank you Dave! I was so impressed with how quickly Dave built a rapport with our 2 boys. He managed to get our eldest cycling within 10 mins!!! He managed to give them both the confidence they had been lacking and it was a pleasure to see them both enjoying cycling. I can’t recommend him enough. 😁”

Essra Sarhan, sunday 7th april, 2019

“Can’t recommend Dave enough, my 3 year old and myself (41) turned up to our session both not able to ride a bike 🤦🏻‍♀️ 30 mins later we were both riding a bike, so chuffed with the outcome! Thanks Dave you definitely worked your magic! 🙌🏼”

Danny Jakeman, friday 12th april, 2019

“Highly Recommended! 2 kids that couldn’t ride bikes with pedals now pedalling away!

Thank you very much !!!”

Benjamin Knipe, sunday 14th april, 2019

“Dave was great, Logan struggled to balance for years then we heard about Dave and so we booked a magic hour. Within 45 mins Logan was riding I couldn’t believe it 😁🙌”

Mike Hassell, wednesday 17th april, 2019

“All I can say is WOW! From the minute we arrived Dave was fantastic with our little girl. She was always nervous about falling off but Dave made her feel comfortable and confident. Even after a slight “accident” (not Dave’s fault, she wasn’t concentrating!) she was straight back on and was riding around, unassisted, within 30 minutes. I cannot recommend Dave enough, he is brilliant and gave us some excellent advice about bikes and the best ones out there for kids. Thank you Dave!!!”

Sarah Lawson, friday 19th april, 2019

“My little chap was off on 2 wheels in less than 5 min. Got good advice about what’s the best kind of bike to buy. Had our full hour..We were amazed as how quick he was off.”

Meghanp Krishnanda, saturday 20th april, 2019

“Absolutely fantastic instruction from Dave! From the right bikes, to right way to teach them to actually teaching them to balance & pedal away! And he taught both my boys in less than an hour ! 
(We did 2 lessons in total, first one we turned up with bikes with stabilisers & they both didn’t have any balance- so he told us to get pedals off & how to teach them to balance first & we rebooked once they were able to balance)
Would highly recommend & only wish we had known about this “Bike School” (as my son’s call it) beforehand.”

Natalie Pickersgill, sunday 21st april, 2019

“Amazing! Dave has taught my 5 and 7 year olds to ride in 2 hours this morning. They had very little experience on balance bikes and not a lot of confidence. Dave was patient and gave us lots of helpful information. The kids loved him! Highly recommended.”

Anthea Jones, sunday 21st april, 2019

“2 days ago my son couldn’t ride his bike and now he is cycling around the park, confident and having lots of fun. I highly recommend ‘I want to ride my bike’ tuition, it’s brilliant. Thank you Dave”

Rachel Hinkley, sunday 5th may, 2019

“Wow! Jack literally rode a bike in ten seconds! Dave gave us some excellent tips and Jack felt totally confident and relaxed with him. Highly recommended.”

Craig Robson, wednesday 8th may, 2019

“Huge thank you to Dave for my lesson last night. First time in 25 years I have been on a bike and wanting to learn so that I can teach my son how to ride. Dave is a fabulous supportive instructor and made the lesson very enjoyable!”

Juliana Ronco Caukwell, sunday 12th may, 2019

“1 hour? more like 1 min! thank u for taking the time to teach my kids all the basics and for all the advice. you are wonderful”

Sarah Fallows, sunday 12th may, 2019

“Brilliant!! We bought my daughter a pedal bike for her 4th Birthday, 1 hour with Dave and she’s off!! Genuinely wouldn’t have thought it possible!! Thank you!!”

Amanda Page, sunday 12th may 2019

“Dave is amazing! He took a very uncoordinated and nervous 7 year old and had him confidently pedalling within minutes. By the end of the hour Alex was able to start, stop and change direction with no problem. I absolutely recommend Dave and so does Alex!”

Laura Bousfield, sunday 12th may, 2019

“I would just like to say a massive thanks to Dave after months of failed attempts trying to teach my son to ride a bike… Dave worked his magic and as promised my son was riding a bike by the end of the session! Thank you so much x”

Nataleigh Buckley, monday 20th may, 2019

“Dave is just brilliant. 
Taught my very nervous, lacking confidence 7yr old riding within 20mins. Thank you so much”

Carolina Velez-Lascelles, tuesday 21st may 2019

“I’ve tried to teach my 6yo son to ride a few times but never worked just got frustrating for both of us. We went to see Dave for a magic hour and unbelievably my son was riding by himself in about 5 minutes!!! Dave’s method is so good, he knows exactly what he’s doing and how to reassure a wobbly kid. My son was nervous before the session but afterwards he told me it was a lot of fun which he didn’t expect. We went home both happy with big smiles and very proud! We got lots of advise about helmets and bikes as well. My son has been riding his bike everyday since, thank you so much Dave!”

Lucy Fox, saturday 25th may, 2019

“Dave is a genius….. Iris struggled to balance when we arrived and she was riding when we left!”

Helen Worden,  sunday 2nd june, 2019

“Magic Dave you are a genius! Our three year old was super speedy on her balance bike, but not up for pedalling … you worked your magic and she is now off👍🏻 Thank you x”

Becca Carr, sunday 2nd june, 2019

“Absolutely brilliant!!! Magic Dave and his magic hour have saved the day!!! Thank you so much, Hollie is so pleased with herself”

Keelie Joanne Hidden-Coley, sunday 2nd june, 2019

“What a special day.. today my 11 year old, Harrison’s who’s on SEN & his lack of balance is one of his issues, making him trip lots, run funny, fall out of bed lots & unable to ride a bike. 
Until TODAY! with Magic Dave of ‘I want to ride my bike’ amazing skills, patience & clear love for his job, he got Harrison riding! Very emotional. This is something most kids take for granted but was only a dream for H until today ❤️❤️ bike shopping here we come.”

Corrina Stewart, sunday 2nd june, 2019

“Would highly recommend Dave! My very nervous, previously very unbalanced, 9 yr old rode a bike today for the very first time! Amazing and she is so proud of herself. Thank you Dave. We are now looking forward to bike shopping.”

Philippa Galvin, monday 10th june, 2019

“Our 9 year old son sat shaking with fear on a static bike at the beginning of lesson I was a bit dubious of success at that stage. But by the end of the hour he was pedalling solo. Pretty impressive. Dave is a lovely bloke, a natural teacher. He doesn’t waste a single minute in the magic hour. He got our son pedalling when all of our attempts have failed and sent us on our way with lots of tips for practice. Extremely happy. Thanks Dave.”

Jes Sneddon, monday 10th june, 2019

“Excellent lesson for both my boy and me. Can’t recommend it enough for anyone struggling to give up the stabilisers!”

Andrea Banks, wednesday 12th june, 2019

“Great experience with my 8 yr old whizzing around at the end of the hour. Dave also really helpful before and after re bike queries etc. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Paula Wright, saturday 15th june, 2019

“Fantastic lesson today for our Edward, it took less than a minute on a bike for him to be riding solo, I was so impressed. Thank you so much Dave. 👍🤗”

Claire Miles, sunday 16th june, 2019

“I had heard great things about Dave and I really wasn’t disappointed. From the initial contact which showed Dave’s friendly demeanour, I knew our shy, unconfident little man would be in good hands. Within 5 mins he was off riding around. By the end of the lesson he had learnt, starting, stopping, road safety, not to mention sorting out his own bike to be tip top and lots more. I really can’t recommend him enough.”