I Want To Ride My Bike – China

Roll the clock back to August 2018 and i get a call, from a man, in Majorca, called Tim, who also has a friend, called Robert, who also lived on the island, asking would i be interested in helping set up a balance bike programme that could be used in… wait for it… China 🙂

The company set up, we called 

Present day, May 2019 and i have just returned from China :-), with Tim,  having delivered the programme i wrote and coordinated, to the trainers at Jinglets in Chengdu as well as Kindergarten teachers and Independant trainers.

We also used our own balance bike which we designed especially for the project and hope to bring to the UK in the very near future… it’s pretty awesome if i say so myself… and probably  IS the fastest, easiest to ride balance bike on the market 🙂



Ten days of hard graft in temperatures ranging from 36C in Chengdu to 8C in Beijing but very, very rewarding and great fun!

A thoroughly amazing adventure and now looking to roll out the programme in the UK alongside our balance bike and get the Reception Children in our schools off their tablets and electronic devices and back out playing on bikes like i did and am sure you did, as a kid 🙂

Me… age 4 🙂  

If it’s something you would like to see in your school, for your child, please do get in touch

Happy Cycling x