Saltergate Junior School Training

Magic Hour 1:1 tuition at Saltergate Junior School  £35 per hour

Gift vouchers available now

Sibling lesson (similar abilities) £50 per hour for up to 2 children

Level 1 Tuition 1:1  £35 per hour

Level 2 Tuition 1:1 (2 hours total done on the road) £35 per hour

Level 1 and 2 1:1  £100 in total

Level 1 and 2 £100 on a 1:1 basis, £75 each for 2 trainees and £70 each from 3-6 trainees. For between 3 and 6 trainees and or more we need to have a chat 🙂

Parent/guardian and up to 2 children to Level 1 standard £80 total for 2 hours tuition

Family Tuition ( 2 parents and up to 3 children) to Level 1 standard £85 total for 2 hour tuition

Me coming to your school…

This includes 8 balance bikes and all the bikes for teaching kids to ride a bike that you can shake a stick at ( ie for ages 3 and upwards and proper, quality, lightweight bikes at that 🙂 )

i also supply helmets if needed and will check the childrens’ bikes to make sure they are safe and roadworthy and check their helmets fit them correctly x

Bike Tykes Balance lessons…

1:1 tuition £35 per hour

National Standard Training (Bikeability) in schools

Flat rate of £120 per half day, £240 full day

if in doubt… please do shout 🙂 x