The 1:1 Magic Hour



Magic Hours are held throughout the year on pretty much every Saturday and Sunday, along with extra sessions during the school jollies … xx


…the 1:1 Magic Hour is just that. An hours 1:1 tuition that will set your little person off on a life of 2 wheeled fun and adventure 🙂


No matter what their age or size, if you/they have never ridden a bike, then forget about the stabilisers and or a balance bike…  come along for some 1:1 tuition and i WILL get you/them riding proper 🙂


Every child who could balance prior to their lesson, not only have i got them to ride, but i can normally get them setting off and stopping on their own, using brakes too… balance is critical and a huge help… the more they can balance the more time it leaves me to do my magic. A non balancer isnt the end of the world, as i can teach that too with my Magic, one of a kind, balance bike… it just means i may need a second lesson to get them up and riding proper 🙂

If your little person is too big for a young child’s balance bike or you simply don’t have one, fret not 🙂  simply take the pedals (and stabilisers, which you must throw in the bin 🙂 ) off their own bike/a bike that’s a tad smaller than they would normally ride, drop the saddle, pump up the tyres nice and hard and get bombing along with those feet in the air…start off just walking around with it, to build confidence then try and get them to increase the strides and also the speed or come and see me… i’ll hopefully/should get them balancing within the hour and save you from a lifetime of back ache 😉 but remember balance is key…the more they practice prior, the better they are at balancing the better the chances of me getting them riding in that Magic Hour x

Make sure the bike is not too big, the saddle is at it lowest so they can get their feet firmly flat on the floor and practice going down a gentle slope…trying on the flat/going up hill wont help, as speed is their friend so gravity will give them a helping hand 🙂

To remove pedals, when stood on either side of the bike, you loosen them off by turning to the back of the bike, no matter what side you are on…so on the chain side you turn anticlockwise, on the non chain side, clockwise 🙂 x

how to take your pedals off

Guaranteed madness, mayhem and a stack of fun for all our cycling superstars of the future…


Due to the nature of tuition when learning to ride with pedals it has to be a case of 1:1 as everyone learns at different rates… (balance is slightly different and i can do in little groups 🙂 ) and of all those who could balance prior, all but one have gone from balance bike to pedaling within the hour 🙂 (my only failure was a little girl who refused to pedal. She came back for a second lesson and i think, after a few “words” from mummy and daddy the night before, she did pedal this time and was riding within about 5 minutes 😉 )

A  Magic Hour session is £40.

Its all done here during the holidays and at weekends 🙂

Saltergate Junior School directions

1:1 Magic hours are held during school holidays (when Molly and Maisie care permits) and pretty much most weekends throughout the year…and there’s never bad Yorkshire weather by the way… just poor clothing choice 😉

On the day, bring your little persons bike without stabilisers and their helmet … again, dont fret if you dont have one/neither… training is done on my full range of Wild bikes from Go Outdoors and i have helmets 🙂

I will advise you on the practicality of your child’s bike and help you with any questions with regards a new bike you may want to get them 🙂

Once they can ride… don’t do what i did once …


i was in sooo much trouble, but was soon back in the good books though…

maisieSorry again Maisie B 🙂 xx

…and yes i know, no helmet!!! but twas soft grass 😉


So if it’s tantrums, arguments, stress and back ache you are trying to avoid/had enough of, please do get in touch and let me work my magic and i’ll let you concentrate on planning the adventures to be had 🙂

In the first instance, please get in touch via the contacts page to check availability, which can be found here